Relaxation room 

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The term “SPA” means “Sanus Per Aquam”, i.e. “health through water”. What’s more enjoyable than relaxing in a bubble bath? What’s more effective than the water jets massage? The SPA combines hot water and hydrotherapy for you to forget stress and tensions.

The sauna helps eliminate toxins released by heavy sweating due to the heat. Our sauna is equipped with a Tylö Combi, which allows choosing between dry and wet sauna, so that everyone can find his pleasure. The dry sauna is characterized by a temperature of 70 to 110 ° C with a relative humidity of 5 to 25 %. The wet sauna reaches a temperature of 45-65 ° C with a constant humidity of 40-65 %. This adjustable humidity rate allows for a very smooth and progressive acclimatisation for those who are not accustomed to dry sauna.

Well-being through gravity! The GRAVITEX inversion table allows you to independently relax your spine. Thanks to the inverted position, your intervertebral discs breath naturally, without any manipulation, thanks to the sheer weight of your body. You will experience instant relief. Our lifestyles prove tiring for muscles, joints and back and cause compressions, twists and sprains. Inversion relieves tensions instantly. You will feel freed from this tiredness. Inversion is a natural stimulation that fosters and accelerates the blood and lymphatic circulation. Suspension by the feet prevents muscle tension and tingling due to physical and mental fatigue.

Well-being in depth with the DECOMPRESS table.

Simple, effective and 100% natural. It helps prevent, relieve and treat most back problems of mechanical origin (i.e. more than 90 % of cases).

Anxiety, fatigue, sleep disorders, depression and somatisation : the DECOMPRESS method allows you to reach a new state of relaxation.

Fatigue, stress, back problems… The DECOMPRESS method stands out as the most efficient way to fight off the effects of our modern lifestyles. A synergy of biomechanical actions and passive stretching will allow a posture improvement. The DECOMPRESS table has been developed as a real therapeutic and preventive tool to correct postural balance.

The benefits :

  • Stretched fascia and muscle chains
  • Released tensions and muscle contractures
  • Decompression and rehydration of the intervertebral discs
  • Decompression of the spinal facet joints
  • Unpacking and opening of the foramina (freeing of the neuro-vascular structures)
  • Intense relaxation, effortlessly achieved from the first session
  • Analgesic effect
  • Improvement of the general circulatory condition (blood, lymph, body fluids)
  • Postural reprogramming
  • The DECOMPRESS table is the only tool allowing lift-off of the L5/S1 hinge and regeneration of the whole support tissue.

Stretching with PHYSIOSTRECH

  • Fight back pain
  • Stretches and relaxes muscles and joints
  • Enhances athletic performance

PHYSIOSTRETCH is a valuable self-stretching tool. It offers numerous possibilities and is easily scalable to make stretching simple, easy and comfortable so that it becomes accessible to all. Stretch with PHYSIOSTRETCH, your body needs it.

Other equipment, to help you relax

–       Massage chair

–       Massage goggles

–       Chi

–       Scholl machine

–       Senso

–       Comfort

What is the “Bol d’Air Jacquier” ?

The BAJ is a risk-free, radical and natural oxygenation process. Oxygenation is a key step in improving your condition and maintaining your vitality.

With the BAJ, breathe health in!

Fatigue, malaise… the lack of cellular oxygenation first affects the mood, the ability to focus, the memory and the vitality. Then come a general feeling of exhaustion and the weakening of the immune system.

Pollution, stress and ageing can cause hypoxia or a lack of oxygen in cells.

When hypoxia sets in, it becomes essential to create the conditions for better cellular oxygenation. The most effective way to do so is to better use the oxygen breathed in, by assimilating it properly to make it bio-available without creating hyper oxygenation.

The BAJ uses pyrene extracted from Landes’ pine resin as super oxygen carriers. This ingenious method makes it possible to capture in a few minutes, daily or over repeated cures, the strength of the pine forests.

A brief inhalation in the BAJ initiates a process of regeneration, protects from under-oxygenation for several hours and increases anti-radical defence capacities (this product is not a anti-radical product, which also suppresses essential free radicals).

This unique and powerful method, developed by the Holiste Laboratory, improves tissue oxygenation through a simple and undemanding process, and presents no hyper oxygenation or radical risk.

Anyone, at any age, can enjoy the benefits of the BAJ.

Its traditional use and efficiency is now supported by many modern scientific research and over 60 years of experience. The BAJ does not generate oxygen, and is neither an essential oil diffuser nor an air ionizer.

It is a respiratory supplement, which cannot replace other treatments (other treatments should not be stopped without prior medical advice).

What is pulse oximetry ?

Pulse oximetry, also known as oxygen saturation, is a non-invasive method for measuring the oxygen saturation of haemoglobin (Sp02) in capillary vessels. The SpO2 is very close to the SaO2, which is the oxygen saturation in arteries. Oximetry is based on the measurement of the light absorption of haemoglobin in capillary vessels, and the comparison between the concentration in oxyhaemoglobin and deoxyhaemoglobin of each red blood cell : 98% SpO2 means that each red blood cell is loaded with 98 % oxyhaemoglobin and 2% of deoxyhaemoglobin. As a corollary, a SpO2 of 98 % does not mean that 98 % of red cells are loaded with oxygen, nor that the oxygen is delivered at the cellular level. The oxymeter also measure heart rate. With the Bol d’Air Jacquier, it is easy to reach standard SpO2 (98-100 % SpO2) except in the special case of yeast infection. In this case, the saturation drops. This device does not measure the rate of oxygen delivered to cells.